The Weather in Vienna


partly cloudy and sunny

Current: 12.0°C
5°C to 13°C
41°F to 55°F
4.0 km/h wind

Showers will die away soon to leave a partly sunny day.


low stratus and sun

9°C to 16°C
48°F to 60°F

Foggy or hazy to start, then clearing up quickly, and most of the day will be sunny.

The day after tomorrow


9°C to 12°C
48°F to 53°F

Rather sunny weather during the day with clouds mainly in the morning and towards the evening

Source: Central Institute for Meteorology & Geodynamics, Vienna

The weather in Vienna is typical continental - there are characteristic, clearly defined seasons. Hot summers with an occasional day of rain and the cold winters mean that the "right" clothing is essential. The temperature is pleasant in the spring and autumn, but there can be a cool wind to chill the air.

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