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The Vienna Journal 2015 is dedicated to “150 years of the Ringstrasse” – with highlights of the anniversary, an interview with Lotte Tobisch (former organizer of the Vienna Opera Ball), who has invited us for an exclusive look at her Ringstrasse home, and an illustration by New York artist James Gulliver Hancock in the center section.

Also in this edition of the Vienna Journal: The renaissance of the Viennese bistro, Vienna’s most promising heurigers (wine taverns), the most exciting markets, and the best clubs and bars, whether for dancing or chilling out. For design aficionados, there are innovative and creative seating options to admire, and we show how smart our city has become.

The iPad app of our journal (in German and English) offers even more pictures, videos, digital orientation maps as well as further links, and comes with clear and simple navigation for easy operation. The new app is also designed to be as accessible as possible for people with special needs. It offers large text and a screenreader function for visually impaired people.

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Get your copy of the Vienna Journal on your iPad for free! Now available for free in the AppStore.

Get the 2015 Vienna Journal on your iPad for free!


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