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Waiter serving a man and a woman Wiener schnitzel with side dishes.
At this very moment someone is discovering Vienna’s diversity. With a knife and fork. And you? Viennese Cuisine

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Proud host of the Eurovision Song Contest Vienna 2015

„Building Bridges“! Vienna sets an example – at the Eurovision Song Contest (19 - 23 May 2015)

Vienna City Hall

Vienna's Ringstrasse is celebrating its birthday. Join in the celebrations - and discover the most beautiful boulevard in the world ...

The date of this event is in the past. The contents of this page are therefore no longer current. As soon as the date and program of the next event are known, the content of this article will be updated.

15. Akkordeon Festival - Player

Accordion Festival 2014

The accordion is much loved in Vienna. The Viennese song would survive without the fascinating instrument just as little as world music in general. Performances can be heard from 22 February to 23 March at various venues across Vienna.

Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musicians Dobrek Bistro
Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musicians Klaus Paier and Asja Valcic
Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musicians Die Wiener Tschuschenkapelle
Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musician of Wiener Akkordeoniten
Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musicians Berliner Akkordeonistinnen
Akkordeon Festival 2014 - Musicians Herbert Pixner Projekt

The Accordion Festival in Vienna is already 15 years old. Fans of Quetschn, as they call it in Vienna, can look forward to traditional performances and experimental sounds. The focus this year is on Austria's neighboring countries.

A double concert opens the festival: In the atmospheric domed hall of the Vienna University of Technology, the Austrian-Croatian duo Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic plays with the newcomers Donauwellenreiter from Austria, Italy and Russia (22 February). The next day there is the Opening Gala 2 at Porgy & Bess with the local Grossmütterchen Hatz 11 Piece Band (23 February).

The Albin Bruns Nah Quartet comes from Switzerland. There is also a regional name for the accordion there: the Schwyzerörgeli (27 February, Sargfabrik). Popular regular guests of the Accordion Festival are the Italian Riccardo Tesi and his quartet feat. Luisa Cottifoglia (28 February, Stadtsaal).

Ben Holmes and Patrick Farrell come from the USA and play together with the local band Playbackdoll (13 March, Reigen). The Wiener Tschuschenkapelle is among the stars of the scene and is also celebrating an anniversary: the band has nurtured its wide-ranging repertoire of Wienerlieder, music from the Balkans, Russia and the Orient for the past 25 years. Excursions into jazz and classical music are also on the agenda (15 March, Metropol).

The group L'Arrache-Coer comes from the Czech Republic to Vienna (3 March, Schutzhaus Zukunft). A standing concert with Harmonia Garden from Hungary will be held in the Ost Klub (5 March), while the Jure Tori Trio feat. Ajda Sticker travels to Vienna from Slovenia (7 March, Ehrbar-Saal).

Just like the opening of the Accordion Festival, the festive ending is also split into two. Closing Gala 1 is dedicated to the Austrian duo Attwenger (22 March, Reigen). And the grand finale is performed by the Ziehharmonisches Orchester Wien (23 March, Metropol).

Apart from accordion music, there is also a silent movie matinee in the Vienna Filmcasino on each of the four Sundays. Musicians provide live accompaniment to the short films shown. One matinee is dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. Walther Soyka and Ernst Molden supply the musical accompaniment (2 March).

Accordion Festival 2014

22 February – 23 March 2014
various venues